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The Standing Alongside People Video Series

Families for a Secure Future has just completed five videos that showcase stories of individuals and families that have had our support over the past few months in the Independent Facilitation Demonstration Project (IFDP) project. All of these videos demonstrate how invaluable it is for individuals and families to have this kind of support available to them.

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Families for a Secure Future

is dedicated to serving adults with developmental disabilities and supporting them to become more engaged in directing their lives, making choices and taking up full citizenship in the community.

We are a regional, Independent Facilitation organization that is charitable and not for profit. We have over fifteen years of experience supporting indiviudals and their families.

Our vision focuses on supporting individuals within the context of their family/friends to develop a unique plan for moving forward and creating a meaningful life for themselves. This plan evolves over time, out of intentional conversations that help them to clarify their vision as well as explore what it will take to really make it happen.

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