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Inclusion in Canada

School Inclusion

For the past eighteen years in Ontario, Families for a Secure Future has been innovating with the role of Independent Facilitation in supporting adolescents who have a developmental disability to transition out of secondary school into a meaningful adult life.

We are all “social beings” who make meaning with and through others by telling stories about our lives. As children and adolescents, we are accustomed to others being the narrators of our story. Parents, teachers and siblings defining our potential, ...

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Workshop and A.G.M.

Join us for:

Responding with Gentleness:

The Six Elements of a Culture of Gentleness

Guest Speakers: Sheldon Schwitek & Shelley Nessman

This workshop is aimed at individuals and families from across Ontario who feel perplexed about how best to respond to their son or daughter who struggles to make themselves understood. 

If we start with the assumption that everyone needs to feel safe and valued, we can begin to understand how simple interactions of gentleness and ...

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Hiring Personal Support Workers: First Steps

Hiring Personal Support Workers: First Steps

Presented by Judith McGill

Having some form of Individualized Funding (including SSAH and PASSPORTS) can be extremely helpful in building a meaningful life for yourself or family member. Personal Support Workers are critical to making many of the “good things” happen in people’s lives. Before starting the interview process with potential Personal Support Workers, it is important to consider not only what is needed in a Personal Support Worker, but also what role he or she ...

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CRA Denies Disability Tax Credit

“Providing benefits not burdens” is how former Health Minister, Judy LaMarsh once described the vision for disability policy in Canada.

As reported in GlobalNews and the Huffington Post, reports from Autism Canada and disability groups across the country suggest recent CRA decisions have resulted in people diagnosed with autism and intellectual disability having their eligibility to the DTC suddenly revoked or denied, against the CRA’s own rules.

This is unsettling news for families caring for children with disabilities, given three in four children with a disability ...

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Individualized Funding Library Project

Many adults with developmental disabilities in Ontario receive Individualized Funds. These funds might come from the Passport Program, from agencies or other sources.  Using these funds effectively, however, can be a challenge.  People have trouble:

  • Understanding what the funds are for and how best to use them
  • Finding or developing individualized supports
  • Managing individualized budgets
  • Hiring and maintaining staff

Using individualized funds like Passport effectively can be complex, as there are many aspects that need to come together to develop individualized supports, including thinking about ...

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Gathering around our Stories

Gathering Around Our Stories: Family Networking and Celebration

Sunday, September 17 2017
10:00am to 4:00pm


Come celebrate together with other individuals and  families served by FSF for networking, inspiration and storytelling.

Enjoy Lunch on us.

Contact us for help with transportation costs.



Registration is free
Registration includes lunch.

Click here to register.


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Teen Autism Memoir Author

Naoki Higashida is the non-verbal teen autism author of bestseller The Reason I Jump. In Fall Down 7 Times Get Up 8 he explains his behaviours and challenges others’ perceptions.

The other day, when it was time to say “Thank you very much” to my helper for taking me out and bringing me safely home, the phrase that came out of my mouth was “Have a nice day!” I’ve been working on these verbal set-pieces for ages and ages, but ...

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Independent Facilitation – Weaving a Story of Change

It has been an incredible 2 years of learning through the Independent Facilitation Demonstration Project (IFDP). The intent of the 2 year Project was to: expand the number of people in the province who are supported by IF; to deepen our understanding of the impact of IF on the lives of citizens with developmental disabilities; and discover what is required to make Independent Facilitation a viable support option throughout the province. Generally, the Project was exploring what it will take ...

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Succession Planning

Families are inevitably concerned about what will happen to their son or daughter with a disability when they’re no longer able to care or advocate for them. In this clip Dr Michael Kendrick makes some suggestions for succession planning and creating space for people to be there.

Watch the video…

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There are plenty of good reasons to be angry at the social and environmental state of the world. Here are six types of anger I’m acquainted with.

Wounded bird – Anger is camouflaged as weakness. Expects others to play along.

Chip on shoulder – Anyone in authority must be challenged. Anytime. Over anything.

Dragon slayer – I’m righteous. They are ...

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