Standing Alongside People - Families for a Secure Future

Standing Alongside People Video Series

The “Standing Alongside People” series of five videos was produced by Families for a Secure Future to showcase stories of individuals and families who have had our support over the past few months in the Independent Facilitation Demonstration Project (IFDP) project. All of these videos demonstrate how invaluable it is for individuals and families to have this kind of support available to them.

To watch the videos go to the FSF You Tube Channel or click on each of the story titles below to watch each story.

Abby’s Story
Abby’s story proves how important it is to have help leaving behind the past and trying something new. He inspires all of us with his ability to “dream big” and his determination to get what he wants.


Daymeann’s Story
Daymeann’s story tells of his struggle to “put himself out there as a friend to others” after feeling isolated and lost without any reason to get up in the morning. In rebuilding relationships in his life, Daymeann finds work and gets clear about what he truly wants in his life.


Fatima’s Story
Fatima’s story inspires all of us to step outside our comfort zone to explore new opportunities and broaden our imagination of what is possible. Her love of photography shines through as she takes steps to embrace her new found confidence.


Phillip’s Story
Phillip’s story shows us that there is always somewhere in the community where your gifts are welcomed and truly received. Phillip begins to believe more in himself and his abilities and take up work in the community.


Shurlan’s Story
Shurlan’s story is one of courage and resilience and reminds us that in the end it is all about building a trusting relationship with others and being truly seen. He teaches all of us to rely on our inner strength.


Standing Alongside People as They Change
Judith McGill – October 2015 22 minutes