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Families for a Secure Future has been committed from it’s very inception to bring families together to talk about what matters and inspire one another to take strength and courage from each other.

Beginning in April, we will be offering several online Dedicated Conversations. These sessions will be led by our Executive Director, Judith McGill who has been offering these kinds of conversations for over twenty years.

The sessions are aimed at supporting parents and siblings as they cope with the added stresses of making it through these extremely difficult times brought on by the COVID-19 reality. She will be helping each person individually to put words to what they are experiencing and clarify their thoughts and feelings in a supportive context. As each person begins to explore their own experience, they will get in touch with their own strength and resilience so that they can lay out some goals for going forward.

How does it work?

•    Each online session lasts three hours and involves three people plus Judith.

•    Each session is strictly confidential.

•    Within the session, each person has their own opportunity to share and explore their thoughts and feelings about what is happening in their lives during the COVID-19 crisis and what they are doing about it in conversation with Judith.

•    Each session offers each person a dedicated conversation with Judith that is greatly enhanced by witnessing the two other conversations that take place with Judith.

What are the benefits?

•    While each person holds a conversation with Judith, the other two who are listening gain a rich appreciation of how their experiences differ or are similar to others, a chance to reflect and gain insight.

•    People gain inner clarity as they speak because there is no crosstalk or interruptions from others.

•    People are able to make meaning of their experience because they are able to focus on themselves and learn from others when it is their turn for listening.

•    People learn and gain courage from one another.

•    People can identify strategies to use as they go forward in a time with so much uncertainty.

•    People benefit by knowing that they are free to explore their thoughts and feelings without other families asking them questions.

•    Families will meet other families and broaden their social network and connections.

If you are interested in engaging in one of these conversations please contact Judith McGill at, and she will contact you about the details.

Please put Dedicated Conversation in the subject line and include your phone number in the body of the email.

The Healthcare Journey Binder was created by caregivers and healthcare providers to help improve the overall healthcare experience for people with an illness, disease, or medical condition. It can be used by anyone, including caregivers, to manage important healthcare information by:

  • Having a place where documents and information can be kept in one place
  • Making it easy to organize and find health information
  • Allowing you to easily share any information with the healthcare team
  • Helping to give you a sense of control

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  • Our Facilitator has been caring and a fabulous listener…


  • Our Facilitator is doing a great job and guiding me to obtain a better future for our son…


  • I really like spending time with you, you help me a lot…

    –Individual being served

  • It’s like getting a new set of eyes looking into my daughter’s life.


  • I never thought my life would get this busy but man am I happy and loving it…

    –Individual being served

  • He’s really connecting with you. Trusting you. Thanks.



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Families for a Secure Future supports people with developmental disabilities to take up a range of valued adult roles in the community as full citizens.


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Families for a Secure Future

is dedicated to serving adults with developmental disabilities and supporting them to become more engaged in directing their lives, making choices and taking up full citizenship in the community.

We are a multi-regional, Independent Facilitation organization that is charitable and not for profit. We have over seventeen years of experience supporting individuals and their families.

Our vision focuses on supporting individuals within the context of their family/friends to develop a unique plan for moving forward and creating a meaningful life for themselves. This plan evolves over time, out of intentional conversations that help them to clarify their vision as well as explore what it will take to really make it happen.

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