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Responding with Gentleness:

The Six Elements of a Culture of Gentleness

Guest Speakers: Sheldon Schwitek & Shelley Nessman

This workshop is aimed at individuals and families from across Ontario who feel perplexed about how best to respond to their son or daughter who struggles to make themselves understood. 

If we start with the assumption that everyone needs to feel safe and valued, we can begin to understand how simple interactions of gentleness and compassion deepen our ability to respond lovingly to everyone. The talk will lay out The Six Elements of a Culture of Gentleness and inspire families to think differently about the unmet needs their sons and daughters may be trying to express through their behaviour.

Sheldon Schwitek has been supporting individuals with complex behavioural needs in the United States and in Canada for almost 3 decades. His work has been associated with The Centre for Positive Living Supports in Michigan. The focus of  The Centre’s work is on the importance of relationships and creating a Culture of Gentleness with and around those who are most at risk of being excluded. He is a member of Gentle Teaching International. His work has been associated with The Centre for Positive Living Supports in Michigan for over a decade.

Shelley Nessman’s passion is supporting people to discover, nurture and share their gifts, skills, and abilities.  Her experience as a facilitator and planner has helped her to understand that when a person and their network combine their dreams with a plan for action – anything is possible!


Workshop Followed by 

Families For a Secure Future AGM

All Welcome

Monday July 23, 2018 


Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
 60 Lowther Avenue, Toronto

Time: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Lunch Provided: Donations Accepted

Confirm your attendance before July 18th .
Contact Diana at 647-693-9397 x.102 or

“Gentle teaching is about unconditional love. It recognizes that many people are burdened with memories of distrust and fear that their hearts are broken. It focuses on teaching them a sense of companionship. Through this process, violent behaviours begin to disappear and new ones begin to emerge.”

–John J. McGee, PhD (Founder of Gentle Teaching International (GTI))

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