We are deeply grateful for the generous support, over the past fifteen years, from member, corporate and private donors.  Without their support we would not have been able to offer facilitation support to individuals and their families to the extent that we have.

Our Donors

2013: The provincial group Families for a Secure Future wants to extend their thanks to Brad Winfelder of the local Royal Bank of Canada branch for its generous donation of $5000.00.  Judith McGill, the Executive Director of the group, says that the Royal Bank of Canada has consistently supported them in the region over the past three years. Without their financial support many families in this region would not have the support they need to keep their local family groups together.

RBC Donation

 The group is dedicated to serving young adults with developmental disabilities and assisting them to take up their full citizenship in the community.  It is a family governed, not for profit charitable organization that helps the individual and their family to take the next step towards community engagement and to secure plans for the future.  Their focus is on providing independent facilitation and planning to individuals within the context of their family and friends and to act as a resource to family members in local Family Groups. There are currently three Family Groups in the Guelph-Wellington region in Hillsburgh, Guelph and Mount Forest.