Project Value

Project Value is a series of two-minute videos, each one featuring the voice of a disabled Canadian whose life experience challenges widely held perceptions about what gives life value. A bit like the “It Gets Better” series, Project Value aims to speak to young disabled people, and newly disabled people, offering a different perspective on what life ahead may offer. One new video will be released daily throughout the summer, and perhaps well beyond, as interest seems to be building.

I have had a sneak preview at the first 10 videos in the series, and I can only say that I have found them, as a collection, to be surprisingly powerful and I think, profoundly important.

I know that many of you have personal and professional connections to disability, social justice, medicine and law. If you have a disability experience yourself – I know who you are – I hope that you will consider contributing your own video to the series. If you are not part of this enviable community, I feel certain that you know people who are, and I hope you will share this link widely, and encourage others to contribute videos, comments and ideas as Project Value takes on a life of its own!

I recommend that you drop in from time to time and have a look here

–Catherine Frazee

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