School Inclusion in Canada

School Inclusion

For the past eighteen years in Ontario, Families for a Secure Future has been innovating with the role of Independent Facilitation in supporting adolescents who have a developmental disability to transition out of secondary school into a meaningful adult life.

We are all “social beings” who make meaning with and through others by telling stories about our lives. As children and adolescents, we are accustomed to others being the narrators of our story. Parents, teachers and siblings defining our potential, who we are and who we are to become, until at last, we reach adulthood and see the necessity of narrating and shaping our own story.

While there are many transitions that each of us go through and embrace throughout our lifetime, the passage from adolescence to adulthood is clearly one of the most necessary and difficult ones. For every person, it signals a shift in our relationship to others. We must consciously become aware of what it means to take responsibility for our lives and at the same time recognize what we rely on others for and how we want to contribute to the lives of others. Adolescents with developmental disabilities are no different, they yearn to find places in the world where they belong so that they can gladly make their contribution to others, build relationships and take up their adult lives. As an Independent Facilitation organization, Families for a Secure Future has had extensive expertise in supporting adults (18 years and older) with developmental disabilities and their families, to prepare for and manage change as they work their way through the numerous transitions that are part of a typical life.”

~ Excerpt from a contribution by Judith McGill to the book “Inklusion in Kanada – Perspektiven auf Kulturen, Strukturen und Praktiken (Arbeitstitel)” [Inclusion in Canada – Perspectives on Cultures, Structures and Practices], to be published by Martin-Luther-Universität, Halle-Wittenberg.

The book will be published in German and English, over the coming year.

Read the full Chapter here.

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